An Electronic Process and Decision Guide for Analysis and Design of IT Services


The main goal of this three-year project is to develop a methodology and a prototype decision support system called Electronic Process and Decision Guide (EPDG) including a method for Iteration and Release Planning for Incremental Development (IRPID) in consideration of functional and non-functional requirements. The EPDG is a web-based intranet solution that is aimed at guiding processes and their related decisions as part of incremental development. It extends existing concepts and tools for process modeling focusing on tasks, dependencies, roles, tools, and conditions by also formalizing and supporting the inherent decisions within the considered processes.
The topic of investigation is the early phases of service engineering including service needs elicitation, needs analysis, and the optimal composition of services. Special emphasis is to develop a process framework that facilitates comprehensive stakeholder involvement. A wiki repository is part of this communication process. The overall goal is to increase the likelihood that services will meet customers' expectations and that services can be provided with the resources and constraints available.

SEDS Laboratory