Microsoft Canada

Service and Release Planning for Mobile and Cloud Computing


Microsoft Canada provides services on a wide range of technologies supporting business and consumer applications. This project is looking at prominent recent technologies being

(i) cloud computing services offered by Windows Azure and
(ii) mobile applications provided for the Windows phone.

The overall goal of the collaboration project is to design, implement and evaluate a methodology for optimizing the service and release planning process. This process is highly dynamic. The process capabilities are a key driver for customer satisfaction and business success. The cloud application services are highly complex with complex dependencies and strong quality requirements. The ultimate goal of the optimization is to provide processes and decision support for being able to offer cloud and mobile application services more efficiently. As a result of the project, the technology developed and evaluated will innovate and optimize solutions provided to business and customers in Canada through the cloud and mobile services. The improvement in process and efficiency will support Microsoft Canada, and also push for a better industrial standard of product management in the cloud and mobile applications platform. For the current version of the prototyp development, see

W2RP - When-to-release Planner Decision Support Tool

SEDS Laboratory