Günther Ruhe

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    Günther Ruhe
    is leading a research team at the University of Calgary
    whose primary aim is to establish and demonstrate scientific
    excellence in the area of software engineering decision support.
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    Software Engineering
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    ELSEVIER Journal for Information and Software Technology
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    General Chair (RE'18)
    26th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference 2018,
    Banff, Alberta, Canada
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    Software Product Innovation
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    Industrial Research Chair
    Software Engineering


Guenther Ruhe is a finalist for the 2022 ASTech Awards!

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ASTech Awards 2022


The 21st IEEE International Conference on Softare Quality, Reliability, and Security, December 6-20, 2021 - Hainan Island, China

QRS 2021 Keynote Speech 1

The Temptation of Searching for the Best–Balancing Validity and Optimality in Software Engineering


Parex Resources Innovation Fellowships

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The Parex Resources Innovation Fellowships were launched in October 2019 for researchers from across the university who are immersed in academic research and community partnerships leading to start-ups or technology advancement based on new discoveries, insights, and innovation. -- Read more --


Hip, Hack, Array! Hackathon 2021

Two of my PURE Summer 2021 students were part of the winning team of the Hip, Hack, Array! Hackathon 2021. Their team Void-21 addressed how to help students with working from home has amplified this lack of University resources and public accessibilities. Our solution was ResearchGram, based on our own experiences as student researchers struggling to gather research papers at our fingertips. This web application allowed us to use Semantic Analysis to narrow our results with the Top 3 relevant documents from the dataset of the University of Colombia.

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KEYNOTE AT IWSIB 2021 - 4th International Workshop on Software-intensive Business, June 14th - ONLINE
The Return-of-Investment Perspective on Machine Learning in Software-Intensive Business

Machine Learning (ML) is widely used for different purposes of Software Engineering. ML has the potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness. However, ML is not a silver bullet but needs proper problem and solution approach adjustment. To make proper decisions on that (how much is enough?), we apply the perspective of Return-on-Investment (ROI). We model ROI analysis of ML in general and instantiate the process in the context of software requirements dependency extraction. For OSS data sets, we analyze decision-making on requirements dependency extraction when (i) exclusively based on accuracy with (ii) doing ROI analysis. As a result, we propose recommendations for the context and degree of usage of ML.


2020 Faculty of Science, Awards of Excellence Innovation – Established Career Award

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CPSC virtual Research Seminar April 2020

Seminar Presenter: Guenther Ruhe

Title: Art and Science of Empirical Evaluation in Computer Science

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Watch the Presentation at Microsoft Research: The Battle for the Right Features - The Art and Science of Product Release Planning
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arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.02071, 2019:
Optimization in Software Engineering--A Pragmatic Approach
APPEARS IN: Contemporary Empirical Methods in Software Engineering
Felderer, Michael, Travassos, Guilherme Horta (Eds.), Springer 2020 https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030324889



Prof Talks - Guenther Ruhe:
Crowdsourcing Software Development




Decision support systems often involve machine learning elements, but they work best when paired with human explanation.

The researcher Guenther Ruhe talks hybrid intelligence


Thousands of Fort MacMurry fire tweets show evacuees struggled for online answers -
University of Calgary research uses social media to improve online information in time of crisis

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NSERC Discovery Grant: Data Analytics for Open Software Product Innovation

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15 Years at the University of Calgary - Congratulation from President Elisabeth Cannon

15 Years U of C


General Co-Chair at ESEIW 2015 : ESEIW 2015 - October 19 - 23, 2015 - Beijing, China



HICSS 2015: Minitrack - Analytical Software Porject Management




Watch the Presentation at Microsoft Research: The Battle for the Right Features - The Art and Science of Product Release Planning
Produced by: Microsoft Research, June 2010, Redmond (USA)