Software Engineering Project - CPSC 594

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Offered in Fall 2017

(1) Description

CPSC 594 is a senior undergraduate course offered by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. It is the capstone course for those students wishing to receive a BSc with a concentration in Software Engineering. The goal of the course is for students to apply their software engineering knowledge in a practical project that is relevant to industry.

Student Testimonial(s):

I found the course to be the most hands on class that I had taken in my entire curriculum. It taught me a lot about time management, project management, working with a client, delivering and presenting milestones. The experience from the class built on the foundations that I use now on my day to day.

Eric Kingori (CPSC 594 - 2014 to 2015)

I feel this is one of the more important courses taught in the program. Some important things I like/learned:

  • There was nobody to pressure us, so we have to self-motivate and take the initiatives.

  • Long term planning, such as deciding on the development process, task delegation, scheduling, milestones, requirement elicitation and more.

  • Performing R&D and analyzing what tools/process meets our quality goals (software maintenance, regression, etc.).

  • Meeting real stakeholders, which adds a bit of pressure since our team didn't want to disappoint them.

  • Handling relations and disputes between colleagues.

Andrew T (CPSC 594 - 2014 to 2015)

This course was a good preparation for getting into the industry. The value that I got from this course was great. I was able to apply the important skills that you emphasized such as scope management, effort estimation, backlog management, proper documentation with emphasis on metrics, the importance of collective team effort ensuring everyone contribution is acknowledged etc. All this have been very important in allowing me to negotiate contracts.

The experience from this course was important since it allowed me to be able to add it to my portfolio as industry experience. The content of the course was great and well spaced and it allowed us to get feedback allowed us to make better decisions in software development.

Compared to the other courses the required amount of effort and time was about the same if not more. All in all I would say this course was a great success and good preparation for the industry and I would greatly recommend it to all students looking forward to taking it.

Kimalel Tuitoek (CPSC 594 - 2014 to 2015)